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The Department of English (Self-Financing) was established in 2015. The Department aims to provide value-based quality education in the fields of English literature, language, and communication. Two exhaustive undergraduate degree programs are offered here – BA English Language and Literature (started in 2015) and BA English and Communicative English (started in 2019). The courses are informed by contemporary trends and novel employment opportunities available in this dynamic field.

Our pedagogical structures attempt to develop methodologies that are flexible enough to cater to students with varying academic, corporate, and entrepreneurial aims.  We aim to provide critical filters that would help students comprehend complex literary, communicative, and theoretical paradigms with ease. Informed by the new, ever-increasing opportunities awaiting articulate graduates and aspiring postgraduates in the field, our programs provide a number of subsidiary papers that the students can select as elective courses.

Our faculty – a team of 13 teachers – is invested in curating pedagogical methods that would ascertain a palpable enhancement in the communicative competencies of our students, while also being careful to incorporate a research-oriented, critically dense academic framework.

Owing to the wide and disparate assortment of texts subjected to study, our classrooms have been quick to adopt teaching techniques that align with the audio-visual aspects of learning literature. To this end, the department makes use of visual and other ICT-enabled aids to uncover the vast potential that experiential learning has to offer.

The Department is committed to providing interactive seminars, symposiums, and discussions convened by leading subject experts and specialists in the fields of art, literature, and media. Through career enhancement initiatives and inter-disciplinary frameworks, we aim to raise and encourage critically-informed, employable, socially committed individuals who uphold the core values upon which our sterling institution is built.

* To strive towards a future that conquers and re-imagines the English native tongue through novel non-native paradigms. 

* Consequently, to curate the department as an institution of academic excellence in English that addresses a broad spectrum of futuristic educational ambitions.


To encourage the study and investigation of the multifarious epistemes of the English language, its manifold literatures, and its diverse representational forms through distinctive, pedagogical frameworks.  Methodologies that enable the passionate disciples of this field to achieve literary competencies that challenge native ones fall within the ambit of our mission. Existing, eulogized works are taught alongside contested, non-native narratives and critical cultural texts to ascertain holistic academic forays that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Dr. Sushil Kumar R

Head of the Department

Department of English (SF)

Mar Ivanios College (Autonomous)


Kerala, India

E-mail: sushilkumar.r@mic.ac.in

Mobile: +91 9447014230

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Bethany Hills, Nalanchira P.O,Thiruvanathapuram - 695015 Kerala, India.


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